Classical Horsemanship 


I have been around people and animals all my life but was awed when she began to speak about her experience with horses and her philosophy on horsemanship.

Sensitive, but mature, her training was based of an equitable, open and honest relationship with  the horse.  She calmly explained her straightforward communication with the horse was remarkably logical and respectful with invaluable incentives for forward progression for the team.

I have been involved in the field of human relations for years yet rarely met anyone with such clarity and vision in their communication skills.

Her patience and kindness speak of her sacrifice of sleep for ailing animals.  She is always quick to help fellow riders whenever they are in need while participating in events together, never stopping to count  the cost of points against her.  She has been a strong support to her friends through the times.  A good team player and a tireless cheerleader.




“Now I have a horse that is so confident and happy we can go anywhere!”

“Before I starting working with Mirjam, I was at the end of the road.  My horse was frazzled and unsettled, riding him at the barn could turn into a meltdown, taking him anywhere was iffy because I never knew when he might stress and act out.  The work with we did with the previous trainer did nothing to move us forward, and I was so frustrated because inside I knew what a wonderful horse my Weston is.  

Then we found Mirjam and right away everything turned around.  She worked with my horse by giving him the dignity to learn and make choices, by having boundaries that bring him peace.  

Now I have a horse that is so confident and happy that we work on our own and make steady progress together.  I can take him anywhere, and he’s settled as he looks forward to having fun.  

A bonus is that with the overall improvement in his emotional well-being and health, he can now go barefoot.  With Mirjam’s oversight and trimming skills we rarely even need to use boots.  

It’s such a joy to see my Weston so happy and healthy!  Thank you, Mirjam”

Heather Beachum, The Plains VA

The way to describe Mirjam Hunt, is she is one of the most loving, caring human beings I have ever met.  A professional horsewoman with the skills and knowledge to train and ride any horse from green to made.  She is also a professional business woman with ethics and morals desired of any partner.  She is my business partner and I am her devoted advocate.

Mirjam has demonstrated time and again she is strong, self-sufficient and independent. She does this every day when she drives her tractor to smooth the ring, paddocks and driveways. Then, tirelessly, feeds, cleans stalls, sweeps isles, grooms, medicates, rides and trains numerous client and personal horses. She sets a quality example in her barn, for her boarders and young riders. She is a soft-spoken woman with a strong presence, gracious and kind.  She is the ring master and leader without ever commanding this role. Her presence and standards of quality command this respect and she truly deserves the title of ring master. 

When an individual is gracious, kind, and honest, they do not require a stage, they get one made round them. Through Mirjam’s earnest commitment to her equine practice, she shows others how to love animals and earn their respect and subsequent good behavior.  This leads to horses that want to please their owners.  

For over 30 years I have been around horses and trainers. I have managed, with my mother-Mary Catherine, two forty horse stables and teaching operations.  I have placed nationally and been privileged to ride with many great trainers; however, not until recently, did I understand the variety of equine disciplines, nor the levels and depths these horses can offer their owners. I was a skeptic, and now because of Mirjam, I am a follower and supporter, of hers. She now trains three of my horses, and in recent past, all five with two quickly moving on to not needing additional training at all. Without hesitation, she is the best trainer I have ever had. 

Carole Inge, VA

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