Classical Horsemanship 


I have been around people and animals all my life but was awed when she began to speak about her experience with horses and her philosophy on horsemanship.

Sensitive, but mature, her training was based of an equitable, open and honest relationship with  the horse.  She calmly explained her straightforward communication with the horse was remarkably logical and respectful with invaluable incentives for forward progression for the team.

I have been involved in the field of human relations for years yet rarely met anyone with such clarity and vision in their communication skills.

Her patience and kindness speak of her sacrifice of sleep for ailing animals.  She is always quick to help fellow riders whenever they are in need while participating in events together, never stopping to count  the cost of points against her.  She has been a strong support to her friends through the times.  A good team player and a tireless cheerleader.




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